To the Grave

by Crypt Crawler

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The debut full length album from Perth's death metal newcomers, Crypt Crawler.


released April 12, 2019

All music written by Crypt Crawler
All lyrics written by Marco Ieritano
Album artwork by Mark Riddick at RiddickArt
All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Ieritano


all rights reserved



Crypt Crawler Perth, Australia

Western Australian Death Metal, featuring members of local Perth bands Dead Currency and Entropy.

With influences such as Death, Obituary and Morbid Angel, Crypt Crawler bring back the sound of the old school whilst incorporating the undertones of today's modern death metal.


Photos by JV Photo & Film
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Track Name: Promesse Battesimali
Rinunci a Satana?
E tutte le sue opere?
E tutte le sue pompe?
Rinunci a Satana?
Track Name: An Exorcism
Nel nome del Padre, e del Figlio, e dello Spirito Santo

She’s speaking in tongues
Vomiting her blood
Possessed, they attempt
An exorcism

They say she let the devil in
That she was basking in sin
Opened her soul to him
Now she will burn for all of it
Deliver us lord, from all evil
Drive this demon, so deceitful
From the body of this woman
May her soul be cleansed
Of the evil spirits within

She harbours another life inside of her
Possessed in utero
The demon whispers
Convincing her to perform a caesarean
I hear their prayers
Useless to this devil
I’m a passenger, a vessel to its will
Scissors placed in my hands
I commence the extraction

My child, yours to keep
In exchange for my release
I surrender my soul unto thee
Let your darkness take me
Track Name: Skinned Alive
I have you caged
It’s your turn to feel pain
Camera in place
Drugged and going insane
Live stream your death
Let them all see you maimed
Chains around your neck
I will now begin to dissect

Bleed for me
Let them all see you

Skinned alive
Suffer before my eyes
Skinned alive
The pleasure was all mine
Skinned alive
Suffer before our eyes
Skinned alive
Edging closer to ending your life

Slabs of meat
Weighed to eat
Flayed and afraid
We love hearing you in pain
Putting up a fight
With every slice
Just a little salt
And we’ll fry you tonight
Track Name: Cremator
A discovery so great
Yet we may be too late
This ancient civilisation awakens

Oozing from the tombs
Mists of which resume
The remnants of flesh
The remnants of death
The remnants the worms left
We are unwelcome

Burn them all
They must not return
Flesh to dust
I am the cremator

Escaping death
Treading on decapitated heads, bones
And bloodstained gravestones
They must not return
We must leave their home
Watching it burn

Amidst the ancient ruins
Amongst the hordes of undead
Within these ungodly tombs
We begin the cremation
Track Name: Flesh Obsessed
One day your skin will be mine
I'll slit your throat from behind
Bathe in your blood
And wear your face like a mask

Flesh obsessed
I'm possessed in my need to experiment
Flesh obsessed
I will not rest til I'm dressed in the dead

Maybe I'll feed you
The flesh around your spine
It'll be the greatest meat you'll ever try
Snapping out of my dreams
Saliva on my sleeve
My morals always getting the better of me
But how will I feed my desires?
I may just eat myself if my needs become dire

Starting with my leg
I cut off chunks of flesh
Frying them
Using my blood as sauce
For digestion
Track Name: Dig Up the Dead
When my loved ones die
I’ll bury them here that same night
Let them live again
They don’t belong with the dead
Where the trees grow
They’ll be buried below
Shovel the soil
And you’ll reach the bone

Dig up the dead
Awaken from rest
Dig up the dead
Let them live again

Tread the wrong stone
They won’t leave you alone
They will know
That you’ve entered their home
Where the dead converse
They mustn’t be disturbed
They are best left
In the dirt

This poisoned ground
Will not save you now
You won’t grieve again
When you end up like them

When morning comes I’ll...
Track Name: Not of This World
Imitation of our kind
It adapts to survive
Learning your fears
Learning your mind
Learning how to end your life

Leaving a trail of death
We must inspect the remains of the infected

Perform the autopsy
It’s not of this world

It’s amongst us
It could be anyone of us
We can’t trust each other
As it tears us apart

Limb from limb
We’ve become a bloodbath
This failed experiment
We can’t let it spread
If it leaves this lab
Humanity’s fucking dead

No survivors
When they find us
They’ll open the doors
And unleash hell upon us all
Track Name: Soul Harvester
The sky, absent of light
Say goodbye to the world in which you reside

It dwells above us
The soul harvester
One by one
Consuming all whom you love
Destined to die
For the sins of mankind
You may run
You may hide
But it will take you
And flay your life

The shadow in the sky
Awaiting your life
Its hunger must be satisfied to survive

Where there is dark
There must be light
We must burn the sky
To save all life

It dwells above us
The soul harvester
Looming over a burning world
Reminiscent of hell
A shadow that no one can find
Except in your mind
Humanity lit the match
Now we all burn alive

We all burn alive
Track Name: Bloodletting
Cut through the tongue
And drain the blood
May they see our sacrifice
And let us be one
With the divine skies above us

Bloodletting for the deities
Bless us with your affinities

We, the conceited species
Offer wine from the purest of streams
A gift of our docility
Bestow us with the graces of thee
Barbed rope through the tongue
Dripping down, we collect the blood
Set fire to the offering
Let the smoke beckon them above


The weight of the blood
Let it be apt and enough
Bleeding to appease divine beings
Piercing the skin to draw more fluid
Feast upon that of the noble
May the deities dine on our proposal
May all the children be bled
May no one be spared from the collection
Track Name: To the Grave
Every step she takes
I hear her bones break
Her face split, head caved
From where she had been maimed
She snarls and she clicks
And I'm helpless
My gut wrenching
To the terror that I'm witnessing

Taunting and haunting me
For all eternity
This is my hell
This is my reality
To the grave

She takes the blade
And with every incision she makes
Her blood spills violently out from my mouth
Like a broken valve
Pools of her fluid all around me
Sat immobile and vomiting
She remains cutting continuously
Her pain is now my suffering

Every step she takes
The bones I broke
Splinter and displace
Face split, head caved
The remnants of my blade
She's the result of my sick fucking games
Now she rightfully tortures me to the grave

To the grave
This is my hell
This is my reality
To the grave
Track Name: The Surgery Begins
This is my revenge
The surgery begins

You didn’t escape me this time
Bound and tied, you’re all mine
I have awaited to see you die
This is the end of your life
By my hand, all as planned
When I am done you won’t look human

Rip your stomach with my nails
You will slowly become frail
This night’s only just begun
This is the start of my fun

You’re looking quite pale
But it’s not time for your organs to fail
Witness the repercussions of your betrayal

His intestines were a great design
Hung entrails as curtain rails
Keep bleeding, I’ll fetch the pail
I stitch your eyelids to your brow
Imploring you to keep watch
As I start to sand it down
Blood starts spurting from your sawn crotch

As I sew the wound between your legs
I pour the salt and watch you beg

Tear the useless heart from chest
Finally put you to rest
Skin your carcass of what’s left
Fleshless and mangled, you’re dead

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